Duck hatch newbie need wisdom...


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Jul 21, 2013
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My Coop
OK I'm in probably my 5th batch of chicken hatches so I've got my routine down pretty good. I've got a regular customer buying chicks as fast as I can hatch them. He has now asked me to hatch a few ducks for him too (he's supplying the eggs) so far from what I've read I should be able to put the duck eggs in about a week prior to the chicken eggs. Then fill it up with chicken eggs and all will hatch together. I have had better hatch rates with higher humidity here so that should help the ducks from what I've read. Also I've read my chick medicated layer will be fine for a week as I wait for him to come get them from me.
So am I missing anything? I can just drop them in the same brooder together and all is well.. Or am I missing something? Any input will help as I've never hatched a duck!
The incubation period of a duck is 28 days while a chickens is 21 days. I found a book called Hatching and Brooding your own chicks that proved to be very helpful.

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