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    Duck Hatching Eggs for sale!
    NPIP certified flock, healthy and clean!

    Each dozen will be a variety of the following breeds. You could get pure or mixed ducklings
    Khaki Campbell
    Welsh Harlequin
    Pekin (jumbo and regular)
    Ancona (black, blue, lavender)

    I cannot separate them by the breed at this time so please don't ask! I also cannot tell who's eggs are whos. The cayugas eggs have gone from black to gray/white so those are not as easy to differentiate. I do have a few anconas laying green eggs, but other than that everyone lays white eggs. So each dozen will have a variety and you simply get what I collect that day!

    Fertility is tested weekly and currently running around 90% or higher. I have a 1 drake to 2 hens ratio!

    Shipping will be calculated based on where you are located so send me your zip code and I can get that to you! Insurance is recommended and an additional $2.35 (more or less depending on how many eggs you want). I do NOT mark the box as I feel this draws negative attention to it but I would be happy to if you want. I have sent out a few dozen boxes of eggs over the past 2 months and all have arrived unbroken :) (I can also send them through UPS if you don't want them sent through the Post Office). But please keep in mind that I pack them VERY well for shipping, but I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens beyond my reach in the shipping process.

    $15 per dozen (I send 2-4 extras at no cost depending on how many they lay the day of shipping). I only ship Monday through Wednesday.
    Payment can be made by postal check via snail mail, or Paypal if need be.

    Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

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