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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dixygirl, May 18, 2008.

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    May 11, 2008
    I'm not sure how long it takes for the pit to drain, but it has never backed up on me. Also, even in the summer, it does not smell bad. Go figure! I haven't looked in the pit in almost a year, so I'm kind of afraid to lift the pool and see what's down there. Honestly though, after lots of trial and error, this method has worked like a charm.

    I do like the idea of using the duck pool water to water plants and gardens. That is the one drawback of the pit--the water just goes straight into the ground and isn't used for anything else. But we have a well, so I can justify wasting the water. Mmm, duck-well water!

    I built the ramps myself, and the ramp goes right into the pool, so the ducks can have footing to get out. There are also a few stones around the pool, so the ducks can get in that way. All my ducks learned how to use the ramp, so I'm sure even your not-so-smart one will learn too, lol!
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    May 14, 2008
    I just remembered it is not necessary to dig a septic tank below the pool. It is not even necessary to put a drain tube in the bottom. You can just siphon it when ready.
    I am siphoning the 400 gallon pond in front of my house now. I just took a spare piece of tube about 6 feet long. I put one end in the pond and brought it up over the edge of the pond and out onto the ground outside the pond. Then I sucked on the outiside end of the tube and water started flowing out. I layed the tube on the ground and water just keeps on coming and coming untill the pond is dry. Even though the tube comes up and over the edge of the pond and then down again on the ground.

    So maybe at first i won't dig a pit. I will just keep a piece of tube handy to siphon the pond when i am ready. When finished i just put the spare piece of tube back in the garage until next time.
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    I siphon my pool too. I submerge the cut piece of hose in the pool until it is all full of water, then plug one end and pull it out, set it out and put it on the ground before releasing the water to flow. Works great.

    I love the idea of a plug, but I want to direct the drainage to my garden, if I ever finish getting my garden in. [​IMG]

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    I has talked myself out of ducks now I want them again. [​IMG]
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    Mar 21, 2008
    Becky! LOVE your duck enclosure!!!! I think I will make mine very similar... such a good idea and I love the natural elements you have inside of it too! [​IMG]
  6. The baby pool lasts longer if you suction the water out than if you keep lifting it while it is full of water. We siphon it using two hoses. One has the female end in the water, the other end goes to the lawn or garden downhill. The other hose is hooked up to the spigot and the other end gets hooked up to the end of the first hose in the pool. We turn on the water for a minute until the water is flowing all the way through both hoses. Then we disconnect the hoses from each other while holding both ends underwater. That gets the suction going. Sometimes we have to weigh down the end in the pool with a rock so it gets the water at the very bottom.
    I tried hooking the end going onto the lawn up to a soaker hose but there isn't enough pressure for the water to get out. A small sprinkler spread the water out a few inches, usually I just move the hose once or twice while it's draining to get a little more lawn watered.
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    Quote:Becky, I'm curious as what that brown thing is that leads into the pool? I can't quite tell what it is haha.

    Is it a ramp?
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    Apr 27, 2007
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    LOVE the Duck houses on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have a pond I hope to get my ducks too within the next few weeks, how do I make a house that they can access to the pond, but also keep the predators out? I was thinking about trying to fence a portion of the area off, would that work? Or should I make a small opening for them to just get in and out of? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Jan 26, 2009
    here is one of our duck houses.


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    Jun 27, 2007
    Fabulous houses Everyone!! I'm getting some great ideas here.
    I haven't decided if I'm going to set up something for the ducks in my chicken yard or set something up in the backyard next to the chicken yard. My Husband is almost cringing every time I think of something else I want to do LOL He hates when I put in a new flowerbed because it might be in the way of his mowing, so I got myself a push mower and mow the tight areas with it. I've already confiscated the big rubber Horse tub we have, our horses prefer the pond for drinking but the pond is quite far from our yards so I'll set the ducklings up in the horse tub until I feel they're big enough to be in the chicken yard or back yard. Hmm sorry for rambling on :)


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