Duck is very slow and seems stunned

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    I was on a trip this week, and I got back on Friday. I went to the barn and there was two dead ducks. I called my dad, who had been looking after them, and he said there hadn't been anything wrong on Thursday. We took them out of the pen, but than I noticed another problem. One other duck was acting strange. It still is today and I need help fast. Whenever he has the chance, he sits on his stomach and doesn't move very much. He will sometimes try to push himself around with his wings, but it doesn't work, so he will stand up and is very slow walking to where ever he is heading. His head is dirty, and his eyes look half closed. When he goes to eat, he sits down and picks at the feed. Any duck owner knows that they normally move their heads/beaks very fast to eat, but this guy doesn't do that. He just picks at some feed and than sits around for a while. I am thinking there could be a parasite in the coop, but I have no idea. If you have ever heard of anything like this, please reply. I don't think he will be around much longer if he doesn't get help. Thanks

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