Duck killed need help identifying predator

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by werewolf38, Jul 30, 2014.

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    One of my two full grown drakes was killed right outside the coop. My female and other drake are ok. The duck was on its back with feathers all around it and the front was eaten clean down to the bone. From about the breast down. Also found possibly the live beside the carcass. I am thinking hawk but no idea. They are in a 25x25 welded wire fence wnclosure with 2x4 openings and its 4 feet high. No evidence of anything going under the fence. The duck house 4x8 is also there but about 2feet from the fence. This happened about 6 pm or perhaps a little before. There are eggs in the house and they weren't touched. Have a woods behind the house . I live in south central Pennsylvania. So was still full daylight out. Help me identify the predator so it can be removed.
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    It's very difficult to say. A hawk would take a long time to eat a full-grown drake down to the bone. It takes them maybe an hour to pull most of the meat off the carcass and the ones I'v seen take the carcass with them. It seems more likely a large predator—like a raccoon.

    This might be helpful:
    This also seems to point to a raccoon.
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    2x4 opening in the wire and a 4 ft fence height leaves the list wide open on possible predators - none of whom would need to go under the fence, as they could easily pass right through and/or over it. This sounds more like a four-legged suspect, than a winged one.
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    Have you posted on Predators and Pests forum?
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    Raccoon or possum. Both are absolute pests! I suggest putting out a live trap with some dry cat food and seeing what's in there in the morning, but be careful and don't get bitten. Good luck and sorry about your drake :(

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