Duck limping?


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Dec 22, 2020
Clayton, North Carolina
She was fine this morning. Its been raining all day so we let them roam around our yard to play. We always do that; nothing new for them honestly.
We noticed her limping on her left foot, when we picked her up to check, there was no swelling, no abnormal warmth, no sign if any harm to her. She was laying down to eat instead of standing like she normally does.
Any idea what might be wrong with her?

Isaac 0

5 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Have you inspected the bottom of her feet for pododermatitis (bumblefoot)?

Ducks and other waterfowl often develop limps due to trauma correlated with tripping over things, getting their feet stuck/ or pulled, or damaged during mating, etc. This a very common problem, especially with heavyweight breeds; their anatomical structure allows them to be good at swimming, but poor walkers on land.

In most cases, the problem will resolve itself over time. If she's really reluctant to walk, you may consider setting up a soft padded pen for her so she can rest the leg, and be close to feed, and water. Along with reducing her movement, consider soaking the foot in Epsom salt water every few days. Sometimes it takes a day for the swelling to appear on the leg; if you do start to see swelling, making a compression bandage around the leg may be beneficial in healing. Asprin can be given as an anti-inflammatory dosing at 325mg per 250ml of water, for no longer than a few days.

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