Duck Morning Schedule


Jul 17, 2018
Columbiana, Ohio
For me:
1. Let ducks out
2. Feed.
3. Water
4. Check for eggs or random ducklings that hatched
5. Let them live!

Written by Daisy and Daffy Duck
1. Humns lets us out
2. Eat courn and tomatoe
3. Run daon arouwnd teh pool and cum back up
4. Ley egg
5. Beg humns 4 tomato
6. March/rol cal
7. Huntn 4 bugs
8. Sea if humn givs us more fud
9. Torment dogs and cats
10. Wndur into neighbors yard and eat the hay
11. Sit in any hoel we cn fnid
12. Marc/rol call
13. Wndur into dog enclosrue
14. Et dog poop
15. Go back out
16. Go into garage and eat cat fud
17. Kwack et nayber
18. Frea tiem
19. Roun up
20. Humn put us 2 bed

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No Dogs, Cats or naybers around here, so mine may replace those with
  • wock on humon mals wurk platfrm 'nd poo on his tools
  • drll houles in da mud, so humon will slipp an thro fud in da ear
  • jmp fnce and penic
  • snake on purch and try grbbing meal-worm bag - if bag is clsed poop on purch
  • poo into homon's wurk-shoos anyway
  • fake call humon four hawk tehn ask for lil green bals (grapes)
  • cary mud into watr bol
  • cary mud into dug-pool
  • jump into dug-pool
  • poop into dug-pool
  • call humon 'nd grouse 'bout dirty water
  • try to eat bassmunt wundow 'nd mak humon femal mad
  • ask humon femal for lil green balls
  • ask humon femal for luung yello worms (french fries)
  • tak 'bout plan to tak ovur farm
drink water
drink water
taste own poop by accident
I don't think mine are doing that by accident! I think they do that on poopose - the water tastes better with some green flakes in it…


BYC Recognition Medals Reminder
Today is the last day to nominate four people this month. Be sure to get your
-wake up and talk because human is not out yet. maybe they hear us.
-talk some more because we can see them through the hole in their walls.
-run like crazy people when human opens the door to make them feel special and make sure treats always come.
-lead human to the sitting place because we need to make sure they can get there. also, talk so they can follow us.
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys
-eat tomatoes and lettuce and look at them like they are the best things ever. that gets us more treats.
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys
-eat more tomatoes
-run away when human tries to touch us because that is not the way we roll.
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys
-get in pool, splash lots of water so we get fresh water.
-group cleaning session
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys
-get in pool again after new water and splash for more water
-group cleaning session
-visit food dish to pick out only the corn and seeds
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys
-water visit
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys
-boy muscovy chase boys
-group nap
-group forage
-group nap
-boys chase girls, girls yell at boys

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