Duck passed away


May 18, 2019
Western PA
My 1& half year old DaphneDuck passed away overnight & I'm trying to figure out what may have been the cause. I have 8 others that I don't want to lose if something contagious!
It all started about 1 month ago. When I brought them in for the night, she was not interested in eating mealworms. This is their absolute favorite treat. Never turned down. She stood around just watching everyone else eating them. Next day she seemed fine, but again in the evening, just not quite herself but she did eat a few mealworms and also some food & water. I did see her poo and it was a runny clear with some milkiness mixed in. This happened just a couple of more times over the next few weeks. This past Saturday she didn't follow the others back in the pen & I had to coax her inside. Did not want mealworms. Sunday morning when I let them out to free range, she was happy & excited & went running for our little pond to swim right along with others. Seemed fine throughout the day. Sunday evening tho, she pretty much went in & just laid down by herself while everyone else ate their treats. When I went out this morning, I found she had died overnight. I am heartbroken as I knew something was wrong but without much symptoms.... She had no runny eyes or nose, no labored breathing, no limp, swelling, or injuries noticable, feathers clean & in great shape.
I have 5 females but ever since molting and colder weather I have only been getting 2-3 eggs/day.
My plan this morning was, I was going to bring her inside & start her on antibiotics & hopefully be able to get her in to the vet in a couple days but unfortunately she didn't make it.
I found what I think was a bright green (almost florescent) poo under her.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
Eggbound? Parasite? Impacted crop?
Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much! What a crappy year. I just lost a dog about 3 months ago to kidney failure. He was 11. My animals are my babies & it never gets any easier when they go. But it is definitely harder when theyre young.
I do have a vet that specializes in exotics. He actually saved one of my others last year from a horrible, chronic infection that took months. Unfortunately we buried her last night. But thank you for your reply. Do you know how long it would take for it to become just bile? She was foraging around earlier the same day like a normal duck. I'm always looking to learn new info, especially if I can prevent suffering or worse.
Do you think she could’ve accidentally in jested some metal and got lead poisoning? I recently took on a duck who was acting like yours and the vet said she had lead poisoning. She died while at the vet. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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