Duck pipped at the wrong end!!!


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
Hello,this is my first time for hatching duck eggs.I have 1 that has a nice size hole in the wrong end of the egg.Its got the egg really rocking,and theres alot of peeping,and i can see the bill.Is there anything i need to do to help it or can it get out of that end?Ive never had a chick do it,so i have no experience with it.Also theres no zipping just that hole since Thursday night.Any advice is appreciated...
thanks,i actually went ahead an zipped him,and now im waiting to see if he will finish pushing himself out..
ehh... yeah i had a duckling who did that once. i helped him out very steadily. unfortunately, he died when he was 3 days old. and on my birthday too.

i dont know what to say
im so sorry about your baby.well hes actually out of the shell and resting.i guess tomorrow after hes dry ill get a better idea of how hes doing.i noticed alot more slime then when i hatch this normal?

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