Duck Pond Build - Lessons Learned Thread


5 Years
Jun 29, 2015
Maryland; Carroll County
I'm about to go into the journey of building a duck pond for my ducks. For those that attempted to build a duck pond (and I'm not talking about those that use kiddie pools which is simple and effective but demands a lot of continual monitoring) please copy and paste the questions below and add your response:

1. Your general geographic location
2. Size of your Pond (in gallons)
3. Type of Pond (preform vs. liner)
4. General estimated construction cost and time to build (in months)
5. Number of ducks that use the pond
6. Mistakes, oversights you made
7. Why you made those mistakes at the time
8. What you did to rectify the mistakes
9. Lesson learned (i.e. if you had to do it all over again what you'd do differently)

I'm sure that I will have plenty of content to add to this thread as I go through my build and maintenance during the next couple of years. I think this thread will be extremely helpful for all who are interested in building one in the future who can learn by your experience.

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