Duck to duck meetings Pekin vs Muscovy-sorry its so long!


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May 15, 2012
I have been reading a lot of the threads on duck intro's, about putting them in separate cages to get used to eachother, never to put a ducklin in with adults, not to mach two drakes together, ect.
I had four 9month old pekins but after an animal attack I am left with one slightly injured female. I went to craigs list to get what I thought was a male/female pair of pekins but ended up being a pair of muscovys (that's what I get from buying from someone just selling 'large white ducks' thinking all muscovys has some black in them).
Having only ever had pekins these new HUGE ducks scare the crap out of me! As soon as I let them out of the box they flapped all over the room and were so strong I could barley hold them to put them in the pen, even got scratched all over my arms and beaten over the head with their wings. I didn't know they couldn't quack so was confused as to why they were 'huffing' at me. They seem totally people shy and do not want to come near me and were stepping all over eachother in the corner to get as far from me as possible. This is a big difference from my sweet pekins who would follow me around and sit on my lap for treats. I know the muscovys might warm up to me eventually but it is my Pekin I'm worried about. They are in pens next to eachother and she constantly quacks and acts like she wants to be with them (she hates being alone) but they totally ignore her. I am afraid they would injure her further both physically and mentally if I had them face to face.
what should I do? Just sell them and get more Pekins? wait it out? let them face off?
As long as they are safe and secure, and she is not in there with them, I would recommend the first thing you do is take five, perhaps pour yourself a cup of tea and breathe.

Right now, I feel everyone is traumatized, you, the baby, the new ducks.

Some things to consider are if you, just sitting quietly near them, perhaps offering some treats, can begin to feel any affinity for the new ducks. Muscovies are larger than Pekins, even as adults. Let's hope to hear from those who may have both, and find out what might be expected.

I hope Miss Lydia and jdywntr see this soon. They keep Muscovies and can give you some direct wisdom.

If after hearing from them, and sitting with yours, you want to consider finding them a better home, then that is probably what you need to do.

Protect the little Pekin. See if you can find some her age and size. They will still need to be separate for a while. It is also good to quarantine new ducks for a while before letting them in with your flock. The "best" ideas can be difficult, depending on your setup, so take your time and do your best.

She might benefit from a teddy bear and an unbreakable mirror until you can get things sorted out.
She was so desperate to get into the other pen I let her in for a supervised visit. One of the Muscovy's kept picking on her but she seemed to get along OK with the other. Then the two Muscovy's started getting agitated with each other and kind of rough so I put her back alone in the other pen, where she stared quacking in that sad way. I brought her a large stuffed animal and a heated water bottle but after about 5 min she went back to quacking at the pen door at the other ducks.
After some more research, I found out that male/ female pair I thought I had were actually two males.
should have known craigs list wasn't the best place to look.
I drove about a 2hr Trip this weekend just to spend $20 to get two much smaller Muscovy ducks that were 100% female and put them with her and she was much happier. They were all three snuggled up together in one pen this morning.
Now I have two big male Muscovy's I have to figure out what to do with.
You can decide to keep one of the drakes or get rid of both of the drakes. That's how I see the options.

I'm glad you got her some female companionship! It looks like that worked out. You may want to clip the wings on the females unless you want them flying. All my female muscovies were fairly good at getting around on the wing.

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