Duck very sick! Need help!


Sep 11, 2019
I have a pekin who is about a year old, last night I lost her sister to unknown reasons. For about a day and a half she just wasn’t acting herself, not eating — but drinking, and just not showing much energy, I woke up this morning to let them out of the pen, and she had passed.

I am scared that this girl is going through the same thing. She seemed fine this morning, but throughout the day, she has lost more and more energy. She hasn’t eaten — she is still drinking — and she just isn’t acting herself. I assumed it was because she misses her sister, but then she started pooping lime green bile. Now I’m worried, and don’t know what to do. I’m terrified to lose her like I lost her sister, any advice would help!


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She will definitely go through a period of mourning, especially if they'd been together since ducklings. Can you share a picture of the poo?
She might have, we just moved to the area, so I usually have my eye on them at all time while they free-range, but I had to run to the store Sunday and my mom let them roam farther than usual, and the old owners used to throw all their unwanted plants and such near the stream, and that’s where they were roaming when I got home. This girl has been eating worms like crazy since we didn’t have them at my old house, but the one who died didn’t really touch them.

Wow that is super green... is it posdible they got into something they shouldn't have? Or eated pesticide treated bugs/slugs/snails?
Ok...I read through couple threads and it sounded in one like it's related to a bacterial infection, and another the owner actually took the duck to the vet and it was pneumonia. Soooooo I would start with Nutridrench and Vitamin B complex, straight down the hatch or in the water to give her immune system a boost. @Miss Lydia could help with dosing antibiotics.
That's what I would suspect, that is super green. I will do a search to see if anything comes up....what do you feed them?

I searched, and found nothing. I’m still trying to find a vet in my new area that accepts ducks, but I feel like it’s a little late for that. I feed them both normal duck feed from tractor supply, it’s what they gave me when I bought them, and never changed.

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