Duck walking funny


Apr 30, 2014
hello all, hoping for some help, I am new to ducks. Yesterday I noticed my duck walking funny. His head sways from side to side and he has poor balance. I am attaching a video through YouTube, hopefully it works. Any insight would be great!
Thank you!

Hi, Im quite new to ducks as well, had them for a little over a year now and hatching more, But i have had chickens for my entire life and to me it looks like your duck may have bumble foot. Look under the duck's foot and if you see something that looks kida like a wart or a really hard bump it may be bumble foot. in which case i have delt with for years, Heres a link to a really helpful site that will . Now if its not bumble foot my guess is that it could of sprained it's self seeing how Pekin are large birds, I hope this was somewhat helpful
It looks like his legs are further apart then they should be. I think he moves his head back and forth to stay balanced. Ducks do that while running; it's just more pronounced with your duck. It could be a genetic thing or a sign that his diet was niacin deficient.
Thank you. I checked for bumble foot but his feet appear fine and there is no swelling in the legs but a sprain could be up where the leg meets the body. As far as niacin, they all eat the same diet... chicken feed, koi food which contains niacin and they free range. I would think if it was a niacin issue it would effect all of them. I have had them since they were a week old, they are now a little over 2 months old. The funny walk just started yesterday. I am hoping in the just a sprain.
Not necessarily, I had 1 out of a batch of 4 that developed signs of deficiency at 4 weeks old even though I was adding the recommended amount of brewers yeast to the feed. Increased the brewers yeast and she was fine. I have also read dozens of posts where just one duck out of many showed symptoms. Some ducks just need more than others.
Well, $480 later the vet could not figure it out. Niacin injections did nothing. We are now trying anti inflammatory and antibiotics....
I would still keep up with the Brewers yeast ,Nutritional yeast it can't hurt and may help even if a sprain. I had 2 limping one a Muscovy the other a Runner both adults I tried keeping them in a smaller fenced area and after a week both were still limping so I started back putting Nutritional yeast in their feed, No limps now and both running all over the rocky hilly half acre. So can't hurt to keep the B3 up for a while along with what else your doing.
My duck came from a place where they didn't take care of her at all and had/ has issues similar. Our vet just said that, as long as she doesn't act like she's in pain, it's probably just a holdover from that. Have you had them since hatchlings?

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