Duck was attacked by dogs. HELP!!


May 27, 2020
Yesterday morning, my 2 ducks were attacked by the neighbors dogs. One was already dead before I could get outside but one was still alive. It has a big chuck missing out of his rump area. I moved him to the porch until I could get a safe area for him to stay in. While he was on the porch, he was pooping white watery stuff. He also puked up what looked like mud but I’m guessing it was poop. I put him in a cage and gave him some water but he hasn’t moved from the spot I sat him in. When I went out this evening to check on him, his wound was covered in maggots. He’s shaking a little and I just don’t know if he’s going to make it. He’s not holding his head up good and doesn’t seem startled to us walking up to him like he normally would. I don’t want him to suffer. Should we put him down??

Aunt Angus

Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
I know that with fly strike in chickens, you use saline to rinse the wound. It flushes out some if the maggots. You gave to pick out others. Someone recently dealt with fly strike and used a diluted insecticide to flush the wound. I've been looking for it, but my phone is glitchy and freezes when retrieving search results.

Isaac 0

6 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Hi, it sounds like your duck is very close to passing so time is a virtue here. If you haven't already, set her in a dog kennel placed in a warm, quiet, dimly area inside the house away from flies. I'd then trim some feather away around the wound, flush away all the maggots with some homemade saline using a 60ml or bigger syringe or something like a dish soap bottle, some people will use a mild insecticides afterwords. If you can post a picture afterwards that'd be great. Do you have any Vetericyn or Chlorhexidine on hand because I would spray that on the wound too? If you have an avian vet nearby I would take her there.

Do you have any antibiotics on hand, if so what, and how many pills do you have? Sounds like the wounds have been untended for a while so antibiotics will probably be needed.

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