Duck with broken leg


May 10, 2019
View attachment 1770247 so, last summer I had a duck injure his leg. I bough a seat type thing which immobilized him. So he could still be outdoors with my other ducks without putting pressure on his leg and hurting it more. I also made a splint for him as well. After a few weeks I let him walk with the splint on for another week or so before taking it off. He walked fine for a while until late winter. I’ve noticed his limp keeps getting slowly worse. He’s in good spirits and doesn’t seem bothered, but he can’t keep up with my other ducks and will trip and fall occasionally. I looked at his leg and the one that wasn’t injured is straight and seems fine but the previously injured leg now looks like this (picture attached) is there anything I can do? I called the only vet in like a 50 mile radius who works with ducks and it would be 500 alone just to check and see what’s wrong.. I don’t have a whole bunch of extra money but at the same time I don’t want my duck to be in pain or die..

I just read through your thread and was wondering how it worked out for you and your duck?
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