Duck with Bumblefoot or blister? Please advise


May 9, 2020
Northern NJ
So I want to start just by explaining that I check all my ducks feet everyday or at least every other day. They tend to get the occasional scrape every now and again, but they normally heal. Last year, my Cayuga duck Violet had bumblefoot on her one foot. I noticed it early, treated it and it went away, except for this lump on her toe that just has never gone away. On Monday I noticed Violet’s middle toe on her left foot was pretty swollen out of nowhere. I don’t have any pictures unfortunately, but it was swollen almost the whole length of her toe. You could see the swelling from the top and bottom of her foot. After researching, I stumbled on a post that made me think she might’ve had some trauma to that toe. They suggested an NSAID for an anti inflammatory. I figured I could give her an NSAID and start bumble treatment at the same time in case. I started soaking her in a warm Epsom salt bath, painted the whole swollen area with clear iodine and then put her in duck booties. I then ran to the store to get children's Advil in both the liquid form and chewable tablet. I wound up giving her the chewable because I am scared to syringe liquid down their throat because she is so wiggly despite loving to snuggle. Plus, the chewable is super easy to hide in food, especially watermelon and bananas because those are her favorite. It was a 100mg tablet and at their last weight check she was 4.6lbs, so I gave her 25mg (¼) of the tablet twice a day for 4 days. After 24 hours, the swelling in her toe had gone down, but not entirely gone. I couldn’t find anything on how long to continue to give her Advil and I didn’t want to give her too much, so I stopped after her 4th dose on Thursday. I continued with her daily Epsom salt baths, sprayed the bump with vetericyn, applying a bumble salve and kept changing the booties so she always had a clean pair. The bump hasn’t changed at all, so on Friday I paint on more clear iodine. Saturday I got some pictures of different views of her foot (see below) and the only difference was that small little brown scab looking thing in the center of the lump. After her soak, I tried to see if I could pull the scab off to see if maybe a bumble nug was attached to it or something. When I pulled the scab off nothing was attached (see picture below for what it looked like with scab removed). There looked to be skin or something poking out so I tried to pull it out gently to see what it was and it popped like a blister with fluid but it started bleeding. I sprayed vetericyn, put Neosporin without pain relief on, wrapped her and put her in her booties. Then yesterday after her soak I wanted to try to see if I could pop anything out. I took tweezers to the spot and gently pulled at what I thought was a scab and a small bit of fluid came out. When I would squeeze the lump some fluid would look like it was about to drip out (see photo attached). I applied the usual again and put her back for the night. She keeps laying an egg everyday, is doing everything normal and you wouldn’t know anything was wrong except for the swollen toe. Is it just a blister? Is it bumblefoot? I’m not sure exactly if I should keep trying to pop it or if it can heal on its own.


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