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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by hart, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Nov 22, 2014
    I feel horrible. We were walking and saw a duck that had one badly mangled leg. It was black all the way to the knee. He was limping around to eat the bread we had and swam great but we still figured he could get some help. I took him to the wildlife rescue center where they took him in. They told me they would do their best and I told the lady he was eating and swimming great. I got an update saying the euthanized it because it can't survive in the wild with 1 foot. I googled it, found this thread and have read that ducks survive great. I am SO ****** off!!! I killed this duck and I didn't need to intervene. I should have left it alone. I keep thinking of how it would peak through the box hole and look at me. I was taking it to it's death and feel horrible. Did I do the wrong thing? (I am not a duck/chucked person) but an animal lover. Would it have been ok staying in the wild?
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    Oct 9, 2014
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    Ofcourse you didn't... you had the ducks best interests at heart...
    The wildlife rescue centre are in the wrong, not you! Atleast he it as peace.. Maybe they would hve had to amputate and I can't see how a duck with just one leg would be able to walk?

    Bless you.. you have a good heart :)
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    Don't feel bad at all! You did the right thing and there could of been other factors that you didn't know about. Maybe he was sick or the leg was causing other problems? I'm sorry it happened but you didn't do anything wrong.
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    I agree with both if the leg was blk sounds like some serious infection going on which may have caused gangrene which would have caused the poor duck to die an awful death. You did the right thing and helped this duck. Bless you. [​IMG] I cannot imagine a duck living in the wild being able to make it long with 1 leg , most of us on here have domesticated ducks and they live pretty easy going lives compared to a duck trying to make it in the wild.
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