Duckling Beak Deformity


6 Years
Nov 3, 2013
Hi there, we have a new family of one-month-old Khaki Campbell/Golden Hybrid ducklings... 7 are dark and healthy, and this one is very light yellow, maybe growing white feathers (no idea where they came from as we don't have any white/light ducks), and has a beak deformity. It looks like it is peeling up all around the edges, and the upper beak is shorter than the bottom. Other than that, this duckling appears to be thriving. I am not terribly concerned yet, except that the beak appears to be a little discolored/purple which might indicate vascular issues? I am wondering if anyone knows what causes this condition, and what I can do for this little one? (Other info: I am feeding the whole flock starter crumbles until the babies are fully grown, and I give them fresh clean water with a vitamin supplement daily. They are all free range, and everyone else is in good health.)

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