Duckling pipped externally, broken yolk sac... Stillpeeping and moving


10 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Bureau County, Illinois
I'm Finishing up on a hatch of duck eggs. I helped a shrink wrapped duckling out of her shell this morning. When I had the peeping, partially zipped egg outside of the incubator, I heard another one cheeping inside. I looked for an external pip on one of the other eggs, but didn't see one for another hour or two, when I spied what looked to be an exploded egg that was seeping. To my surprise, it was my mystery peeper, but there is clearly yolk coming out of his pip hole. I cleared away the dried yolk and chipped a small piece of shell away (i could hear him tapping, trying to zip), but saw blood appear and stopped. He seems to be quieter now, but is still tapping. I'm assuming he will die soon without yolk to keep him strong during his escape, so I'm planning on slowly peeling the shell away and trying to feed sugar water or something to keep him alert while he reabsorbs his blood. I'd hate to leave the little trooper to die.
Any advice? Anyone saved a duckling who broke the yolk in the shell?
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