Duckling sneezing/ head down need help!


Aug 23, 2019
Recently hatched out 2 amazing Aylesbury ducklings and all has been well until last night. One of them (the larger of the two which is usually more active) lay under the brooder asleep and didn’t respond when I was next to it making abit af noise. This morning it appears to have gotten worse as it’s legs have slightly splayed out and it is struggling to keep its head up. I have tried putting natural herbs and spices into there food high in Vit E however I feel as if it is deteriorating. They are 4 days old and really don’t want to lose one. The other duckling is healthy. Does anyone have any ideas?
Welcome to BYC. Give some Poultry Cell or NutriDrench if you have it. SaveAChick, pedialyte or gatorade can also be used for electrolytes. Get some vitamin B complex tablets at the sore, and grind or crush 1/4 tablet daily. Liquid B complex is also good from feed stores. Clean the nostrils on the bill if needed. Is it eating? Hopefully, other duck people will chime, such as @Miss Lydia or @WVduckchick . Usually splay leg needs to be treated early to be successful. Here is a link:
Pictures would also be great if you can post some, and also of your setup. Are they too warm or too cold? Do they have water deep enough to submerge their whole bills? They must be able to clean their nares by sloshing the water up thru the holes.
Is the duckling pooping? What does the poop look like?

I hope it perks up soon for you! :fl

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