Duckling trouble with walking


Jan 25, 2019
Hello! I have a little duckling that I got from Atwoods. He was very lethargic and being trampled so I took him help to see if there was anything I could do. I got him home, starting feeding him and putting vitamins in the food and water. It seemed to help, he started coming around more. Next morning, hes wide awake, full of energy but hes not able to walk right. He tries to walk but leans to one side and quickly flips over on his back. It's like one leg isn't moving as fast as the other. If I hold him, his legs work great. It's only when he tries to move on his own. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
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Are you supplying any niacin supplements? usually weakness in the legs and some neurological issue can be caused by niacin deficiency. What feed are you using? most feed for chickens unless an all flock don't have near enough niacin for our water fowl babies. So I'd go to Attwoods and look in their cattle section if they don't have one TSC does pick up Liquid B Complex start giving your little one 1 ml a day and see if that gets him going. Its best to put it over something that he'll eat pretty quick instead of putting it in water where it will get diluted. It will say injectable but just peel off the foil and use a dropper to pull out 1 ml. To me all water fowl until 10 weeks of age especially those that will be large breed should be on B complex it has all the B vitamins and is so good for our babies.[This is just my humble opinion] After 10 weeks then switch to Nutritional yeast sprinkled on feed at 1 tab per cup of feed. The brand name of this Liquid b complex is Durvet.
As of yesterday I have nutridrench in the water and brewers yeast sprinkled in the food. The food is a medicated chick food for chickens. I can go to the store and get b vitamin liquid and not dilate it too.
Sometimes less than a week other times it depends on how long the problem has been going on but the faster it's treated the better the out come.
Are you feeding other birds with the medicated feed?
Once you finish up the medicated feed of before you do I'd would check on getting an all flock feed. Its formulated for all poultry and has the right amount of niacin for our water fowl. Still some can have a niacin deficiency even when on it but it's a better feed all round and they can be on it their entire lives and layers just need Oyster shell offered for calcium.

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