Duckling unable to stand


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May 15, 2009
Northern Kentucky
Have a 2 to 3 day old Pekin duckling that was given to me due to not walking. He can't stand only flops around. Can manage to get to food and water and does eat and drink.

I'm not familiar with duck ailments but this is similar to splayed leg in chicks. I don't see his leg kick out though a lot.

Sounds like slayed leg. Harder to tell on a duck because of the webing. Usually doesn't get better. Sorry but best to put him down now before you get to attached.

Hollywood got in while I was typing. You can try niacin could be muscle problem
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Is it like he is doing back flips??? if you were holding him..can he eat or drink..and if so- does it throw its head back when it does drink?/
No back flips. Doesn't throw his head back.

Its more like he has trouble with one leg and it causes him to be unbalanced and he can't stand right. Scoots and flops to get around. Almost like his engine is over revving and his legs can't keep up because he is trying so hard to walk.
Ok. so this sounds exactly like one of the ducks I had delivered to me overnight. Literally thought his leg was broken...scooted like you say. The big thing that I noticed is that if I really really watched for a long time, he would go to the water, but, would not really drink any. I spent the next SEVERAL days using a syringe (without needle
) every half hour or so giving him drops of water and then re-teaching him how to drink. It took a week! But, was worth it as he came around and is a beautiful drake today! Time consuming, but, it worked.
It could also be a slipped tendon. You can check to see if there is any difference between the two hocks. Harder to treat than splay leg... But it is still possible to fix.
I would try the niacin (brewers yeast) as well. Can he stand at all? Splayed Leg can be easily fixed with a bandaid, I've done it on chickens and guineas with 100% success.
Any chance of you posting a photo or video of the baby trying to stand/walk?


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