duckling with a humped and curved spine


11 Years
Apr 8, 2012
Heflin Alabama
I have a 8-9 wk pekin duckling.At 3 days she couldnt walk.With a lot of TLC she can walk,sometimes run,she tries to preen her belly but falls backward.Her spine is hunched and curved.She doesnt seem to be in any pain.Has anyone ever heard of a duck living a good life with these problems.I am worried about when she starts to lay.will she beable to with no problems?She is about 4x smaller than her sisters.I have some mallards thats same age they are the same size as her if not a little bigger.
Well, Crissy, whenever you raise up a chick or duckling with a deformity, it's always kind of a "wait and see" situation. She may lay eggs just fine. She may never lay an egg.

Maybe you can just continue to watch over her and hopefully, all will be well. She's a lucky duckling to have you, to give her a chance, where some others might not.


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