Ducklings-age, breed? Pics


6 Years
Jun 28, 2013
Eastern NC
I've been a member since 2013 but rarely post-I read tons of the threads for chickens though.

I've owned ducks 3 times in my life-once when I was a teen, once about 13 yrs ago-I had to re-home them when we moved (for their safety) and today I became a duck owner again :)

We bought 3 ducklings from TSC and my best assumption is they're Pekins but one of them has a purplish bill, a little darker hue to the yellow, especially on top of his/her head and a blackish spot on the chest . He/she appears to be healthy, happy and energetic so I don't think the purplish bill is health related. I'm wondering if he's something other than Pekin.

I had forgotten how much I love ducks. These little ones are constantly cocking their heads and watching me when I go into their room to check on them. They are going to be house babies until our weather gets a little warmer and then I will move them to an outside pen gradually. Probably. Maybe. I don't think the hubs is going to let them be indoor pets lol. I don't think Athena and Maximus (indoor kitties) would be very nice to them-the ducks would be much happier outside where the pond in anyway. I've already been looking at a website of a breeder close to me and I think there will be a few more ducks added in the next month :)




Also, any thoughts on their age?
I apologize in advance if these pics are huge. I can't seem to figure out how to resize them with my current photo program.

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