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Feb 15, 2011
A lot of you seem to be picking up those cute little ducklings! I just love those pictures! I am wondering if those of you that bought ducklings have ponds?? Or do they just roam around the yard with the chickens?
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Ducks don't really need a pond. They are just find with a kiddie pool to swim in. Mine roam around with the guineas just fine.
DH built a small pond for them but I use a kiddy pool too. This winter they have only got to be in the pool a few times as the weather has been too bad. Now that its getting warmer they get to swim more often.
So do they just live outside all the time? Or are they in the coop with the chickens? I would worry about foxes.
some people free range but there are always risks involved. I personally let them walk around during the day and lock them up at night. Some people coop them with their chickens but many don't because ducks are VERY messy.
You can have ducks without a pond, a nice kiddie pool once in a while will do. But, they can be very messy! Ducklings have to be brooded just like chicks and they can live outside in a pen/coop when they are older. Some people keep their ducks with their chickens if there's no problem, but sometimes it doesn't work out and they have to have separate pens.
My ducks free range and roam around the chicken yard with chickens, geese, turkeys, sheep and a goat. I have kiddie pools all over for the ducks and geese to swim in. I don't have a pond.
We have ours till they get big enough to be on their own..then they move to a neighbors with a pond

We were keeing them with the little chicken peeps...but they are in new box now...they are so messy.

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