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    Apr 25, 2015
    I am considering creating a duckponic system I would like a discussion of the design. Do not get off topic on to Ecoli lets keep on point of the design please. I would like to hear input of pipe sizes and pump types
    Yes Its official I have lost me mind. I have designed a duckponic system. For those familiar with aquaponics its the same only using ducks instead of fish, BE FOR WARNED For most people this post will be very boring or confusing . In a nutshell it is a filter system that is attached to the ducks pond that recycles the water thru filters where nutrient from the water is used to grow plants. With clear clean water being returned to the pool.
    The theory of my system design has taken into account duck behavior

    1. My ducks pool is raised which means my ducks must walk up a ramp for 14 feet to reach it. So much less dirt is carried into the pond. They only use it for swimming not for running over just to filter the dirt in their mouth. Since there is water stations on the ground making it unnecessary

    2. dirty water over flows out of the pond into a swirl filter. Where it swirls allowing the dirt to settle to the bottom. Where there is a pipe with tap that will allow this solids to be drained . I think I might add 2 swirl filters for extra protection. The second swirl will contain a uv light (which kills ecoli and floating algae ect.). Up until now my design has been moving water by gravity using an over flow.

    3. my sump tank is set at the lowest point in this design. It is located under my grow bed. For extending my pumps life my water has gone thru filtration in the swirls before it reaches the pump. Since I will be using bell siphon system in my grow beds the water will fill and lower in the sump area. Which allows the duck pool to stay a constant depth. The pump will now send water to grow beds

    4. My grow beds will be filled with gravel where the good bacteria will flourish converting the ammonia produced by the waste in the nitrogen that plants use. I will also be adding red wigglers to digest the solids that make it thru the filters. I will be growing vertical as well. I plan on adding horizontal hanging pipes on the fence wall to use as grow beds as well.
    As the last step in the process the water from grow beds will return to the pool area using gravity. . whew that was a long journey.
    I am relying on many years experience keeping Koi ponds. So I have experience with fish poo But none with duck poo. Ha ha[​IMG]

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