Ducks and raised coops


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Jan 6, 2014
We are building a raised coop for our ducks. We plan to have a door out the front for everyday use, but then when we have to leave for a short time, they will have a door inside with a ramp that goes underneath for their water and food (and that will be a much more secure area).

Anybody have a raised coop for their ducks and have advice on the ramps? We're wondering if it is maybe going to be too steep for them, or if we should do steps or something else. If anybody has experience with this, it would be really helpful! Thanks!
Thanks, so far we have a combo of a short little ramp with two steps. We'll see how they do I guess :)
Steps for sure or let them fly up. They are to clumsy to navigate ramps very well. Mine fell off all the time and it wasn't very steep. Was just a board with little cross piece of wood. And only about a foot off the ground. As for steps a Rouen I have climbs the back porch steps just fine and they are 12" tall treads. 3-4" tall treads would probably be about right for them.

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