Ducks day 28 and no pip

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May 31, 2017
hello so today is day 28 but as of yet none of my ducks have pipped is this bad?? I had another batch a few weeks ago and none of them hatched my temperature and humidity are all correct and the eggs were fertile. I'm worried incase none hatch again what should I do?!!!! Please help


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Jul 13, 2016
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If there are no pips, take one egg candle it if there is a little movement, take off a TINY bit of the shell NOT the membrane...if every thing looks good.....take off some outer membrane keep wetting this bit with warm water....leave for an hour but keep wetting membrane....take off inner membrane (BE VERY CARFUL!!!) if there is some blood leave it alone! If there is a hole in the shell, the outer membrane and the inner membrane the baby has air leave her but keep wetting (not on her bill) ps they could just be taking their time! xx keep me VERY posted please!

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