Ducks, dogs, budgies, and a tortoise!


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Jan 15, 2021
Hey all! My name is Ash. I am the momma to a variety of animals and two human children. We live in Washington State and are new to raising Ducks, but I helped out raising/breeding rabbits as a kid, so I’m no stranger to the more practical side of husbandry, although our ducks are pets for sure! We have two Australian shepherds who like to “help” me get the ducks tucked into their enclosure each night, and a rescued pomeranian who is smaller than our Pekin Drake, but tries to play with the ducks anyway 😂 Here’s our little flock: L-R Dorothy (Dot) Frank, Maggie, and Bettie. The Pekins are 19 weeks old and the Golden 300 Hybrids are 17 weeks. We are so excited for them to lay eggs!


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