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Mar 31, 2010
My son just got a duck( mammoth Pekin) given to him from a person that has more than they can handle. she seem healthy other than her feet have swelling on them. she can walk but they seem to bother her. she walks so far than sits. there is no real sign of sores just swelling. does anyone have any ideas of how to help the girl not sure of age I would guess from her size at least 1 he said she is laying.
Thanks for any help
Maybe monitor the feeding just a little? It could just be genetics though, there might not be really anything to do. But if you love her, you could post a picture for us to adore
I will post pics tomorrow she is in sad feather condition she was only given drinking water. she was so happy to play in the creek in our yard. She is a pretty sweet girl hoping she cleans up nice and hope I can fix those feet up.
Are the swollen areas hot? Is there a scab looking thing over the swelling? Those are bumble foot signs. Another possibility is niacin deficiency.
didn't get a chance to get pictures on. After researching what a few of you said it looks like the bumblefoot. is this contagious to my other ducks? she is still quarantined right now but I'm think maybe I should take her back. I don't want my babies to get anything. but I also don't want to take her back where her care wasn't the best. Oh what to do
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