Ducks need new predator plan asap


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Sep 1, 2019
Hi all,

We messed up. We built a duck house using guidelines found here and elsewhere, and it has been fine. But, we mistakenly thought it would be ok for the ducks to free-range during the day and be enclosed at night. It worked well. The flock of seven came out in the morning and voluntarily went back in at night.

But then ... a fox moved into the area, and two ducks disappeared during the day. Another two were attacked today, each losing some beak.

So clearly we need to keep the ducks enclosed during the day. What do you recommend? For day enclosure, do we need to dig down and bury wire?
If you got a Fox. You will need to bury the fence at least 12 inches, or put an apron extending out at least 2 feet.
A Fox tried digging into my Golden Comets pen 4 weeks ago.

Here's from inside looking out.
Here's the Fox leaving after failed attempt.
In the Coop & Run section you'll find information and @aart has informative links, articles. GC
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