Ducks Spilling Water in Coop


5 Years
Jan 5, 2015
Kilkenny, Ireland
Hi all,
My 2 stupid Khaki Campbells are stepping in the empty carton which we use for keeping the water in. They dip their beaks in the water and forage in the straw whilst making the whole coop wet. We tried everything to stop the straw from getting wet, including using a chicken drinker but they somehow get the straw wet anyway. How can I stop this? Here are some pictures:

After many attempts, we (the whole family) can't get this to rotate, so here it is as is:

Many thanks
Hi, RavenClawPekin6, we haven't met yet, and with great respect for you I must say - they're not stupid. They are waterfowl. Water management is very different with ducks than with other fowl.

Ducks need to be able to wash up in water frequently, or they can get sinus, ear, and eye infections that can become respiratory infections. Very serious stuff.

It is a big challenge to get the water management handled, but it can and has been done many many times.

Here are some ideas for you.

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Plastic bin with an entry way, flat-bottomed straight-sided pot for water, sawdust pellets to absorb splash. Works for thirteen ducks. Has worked for years.

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