Ducks stopped laying eggs !

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by MamaChic21, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2017
    Oh, thank goodness! Lol I kept thinking I've betrayed her trust but then she started laying again, and that made me the happiest mommy still learning about her everyday lol
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    well, this post reminds me a female duck i once heard years ago.she was a happy healthy looking hen,thats how i saw her. she was a muscovy duck raised by a chicken hen. during the breeding season she and her mate boob up,with breeding displays, oh yes i forgot, they were cooped in a large run with guineas and chickens. i used to watch her buidling a nest,then few days,eggs. but the only problem was. she would lay about 6 OR 8 eggs then stop. not going broody or something. what i knew was muscovy ducks usually lay a very large clutch,usually 15 EVEN 20 eggs. she would lay a week on the other she stop. then find a new nest then do the same this usually happen in spring. a friend of mine told me that, my female duck was lacking a calcuim in the bones that is absorbed during the formation of shell eggs. i brought a mixed crush snail,oyster shells and let her freerange to find more vertebrate to produce strong eggs. i fed her the shells, she layed and layed and layed a fully clutch for the very first time:wee:pop i was sooooooo happy when she brooded the eggs......and seing the small innocent duckling-DOVEY following their mother to where she goes

    long story:caf

    thanks for the post

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    Hello everyone. I also have two Peking ducks had three but my drake got killed by a raccoon last year. The two females were doing great on laying eggs until July of this year, then all of sudden they both stopped laying. One would lay real soft eggs, and then she stopped altogether. I believe they go through a phase of resting and then will start back up. They have stopped molten so, they should hopefully start laying again. A friend of mine said she would give her ducks yogurt and that would help give them protein and help harden their eggs. One of the females is 2 yrs old and the other is a year. We will see if they start laying again.
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    I have ran into the nonlaying issue also!
    Got my Pekin ducks Feb of 16. Started laying around Aug. They laid great the rest of the year! They quit laying when days got short and temp's really cold. Never saw an egg from them in 17! Not a single egg! The last batch I tried to incubate, had 20 eggs, produced ONE duckling!
    Could it be a function of my ducks got too fat? These are free range but not turned out until about 10 a.m. or so, when they were usually done laying!
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    Jul 12, 2016
    I heard somewhere that over feeding poultry can affect their egg laying ability. I have tried to feed all my birds well, but maybe in doing so I have made them, fat and complacent birds that have no incentive to reproduce. They were laying well in a different climate, so I think that has a lot to do with it. I have provided them with more than enough opportunities to replenish the moisture they may have lost by the low humidity. I gave them a huge wading pool, and large containers of water all over my yard (they free range). but they also eat a lot. Regardless of how much I fed them 30 minutes ago they will always ravenously chow down anything I put out in the feeder, and steal food from the chickens.
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