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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Do ducks make good pets for kids? Is it okay to have one duck or is it better to have two? Are males or females friendlier? I don't want baby ducks so if I need a pair, I'd rather have two males or two females. Would two males fight? Would one male do okay by itself if it's right next to goats and chickens? What are the best breeds for kids? Sorry for all the questions! I don't know anything about ducks.
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    Ducks can be quite friendly when raised correctly around people from an early age. I only have one and it's a male and it's pretty friendly. I dont have any experience w/ females or more than one duck. they can be great pets from what i've experienced so far. mine made best friends w/ a rhode island red pullet. they are inseperable. [​IMG]
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    Nov 24, 2008
    Quote:I have 6 ducks 2 male and 4 females..It is best not to only have 1 duck they are very social and will be lonely! My 2 males are big babies follow me everywhere talk to me..Then 2 of my females dont come near me..They were got when they were grown..The 2 other girls are friendly 1 is more than the other they were raised from weeks..My boys are mallards,2 female mallards,2 white..I would have to say to get 2 boys at a very young age and they will be more friendly than the girls my experence! They will not fight if there is no females! Hope that helps
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    Ducks can be good pets, but they have to be well socialized from day one. Pick them up, pet them, etc. Otherwise they will be skittish and flighty.

    It is better to have two ducks. Ducks are very social and will do much better when kept around other ducks. If you've ever heard ducks 'talking' to each other, you know what I mean.

    I'm not sure about purchasing two males...I think they would fight. One male and one female isn't much better because males can be very rough on females when mating. Two females is a good choice.

    As long as they are well socialized, any breed of duck should be just fine around children.
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    Ducks are great pets! I have 2 females from when they were babies and they are sooo sweet! I had a male Pekin duck years back and he was sooo nasty. I used to go into the yard and he used to run after me and nip my butt. I actually had bruises everytime I went to feed him along with my rabbits. Only did it to me, my mom smacked it one day for doing it and it never did it to her again. I never had the heart to smack him. But a racoon took care of him not long after that! But my girls are sweet. Hand tame them when they are young [​IMG]
  6. nettie

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    duck don't make great pets for young kids, but they do make good pets for teens and pre teens. They don't act like dogs at all, and only older children will understand that. Young kids tend to chase or make noise at ducks which terrifies them.

    You're probably best off getting to females. You'll have nice eggs too! I know wha\\en you first think about it, eggs can seem scary, or too much work, but they really aren't. Make you sure you do all your homework beofre getting some!
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    I agree that you need at least two, but I would recommend that you get two males, unless you get females of a 'quieter' breed. My female pekins are very loud!! Unless you don't have a problem with the noise factor, then by all means get some girlies for the eggs! You can eat them, a lot of people use them in baking. Good luck!

    The quieter breeds IMO would be cayugas or muscovies, though my rouen duck is not loud either.
  8. Chickie Mamma

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    Hello, my Cayuga female is SOOO loud [​IMG] I got females because I thought they were supposed to be quieter. She quacks to be let out in the pen and if I even look out my window and she spots me she does a series of loud quacks. She always has food, water etc. I guess she really just wants my attention [​IMG]
  9. conny63malies

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    Mar 22, 2008
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    Males raised together wont fight as long as they are bachelors. I have three kids , the oldest is seven the youngest three. The little one will catch and pet my big muscovy drakes all the time. In order to have friendly ducks you need to rause them from babies.
  10. Goat_Walker

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Ive got 4 ducks at the moment and they are the Bomb - diggity!

    I keep my 3 males seperated from my female when I can, i love them !!

    Id suggest females simply because you can get breakfast from them and you dont need the males!

    You need to have more than one, they need companionship.

    Do you have a breed picked out yet?

    If you want something quiet that will stay good natured all through life when handle correctly id suggest Muscovies(sp) . Many people think they are sort of ugly because of the red "warts" on the front of their beaks. They are great though, and are quite, not loud like most ducks.

    All my ducks though are some how connected to mallards. My mallard / buff cross is a sweet heart! Always coming up and trying to preen my arm hairs and "nuzzling" my neck and hair. He eats right out of your hand as well.

    Im sure that other people can tell you about different breeds, but for kinds Id Suggest the Muscovy.

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