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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Sherry, Aug 23, 2010.

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    I have a female muscovy, she has already laid and hatched one brood of ducklings. So I KNOW she's sexually mature.

    Her mate disappeared around the 18th of May.

    I have some mallards and pekins I got as ducklings in April. I know two of the mallards are drakes. Not sure what the pekins are, but I haven't noticed the curly tail feather that denotes a drake.

    I found the muscovy hen's nest today.

    My question is, if it's possible to answer,...what are the chances these eggs are fertile? I've never candled anything, so not sure what I would be looking for. And if I touch her nest will she abandon it? Of course if she does I can always put in incubator, but not sure how long she has had the nest.

    Any help at all is appreciated.

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    The only way the eggs can be fertile is if the young drakes have been breeding her. I think they are a little young for that. She no longer retains sperm from the muscovy drake who disappered in May. She will not abandon the nest if you touch the eggs. Have you seen the young drakes breeding her?
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    So that would make your drakes 5 months old? I think thats about the boarderline between being or not a sexually mature drake, but not sure about your breeds. Also it is probable that your duck has made a nest of unfertalised eggs to incubate.
    I guess if you can find out if your ducks are mating that'd solve things ... but also I know if you crack an egg (freshly laid of course, not one half way through incubation) that people can tell if its fertalised? Not toooo sure.
    Good luck [​IMG]

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