Dumor vs. Purina...Which do you prefer?


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
I am probably going to switch to Dumor..it has animal protein and its cheaper. So I am considering the switch. Does anybody have any preference?
What type of Dumor has animal protein? I have heard people say Dumor has AP, but I have never seen it on the tag. Anyone have a copy of the ingredients?
I've used both and prefer the Purina brand. I have found that with the Dumor feed, my chickens coop/run smell so much worse! There is something in it that isn't in the Layena that makes their poo smell much worse! I have also noticed a BIG difference in egg quality and production with the two feeds. It is also a vegetarian feed, meaning there are no animal by-products which is a huge plus in my book!
No, Dumor is NOT Purina. Dumor is TSC's store brand that they hire Purina Mills to manufacture for them. The products are not one and the same.

I prefer my feed locally milled. But if I had to choose between Dumor and Purina, I would use Purina because it does not contain animal by-products.
We feed Purina Layena and Flock Raiser, and they all are doing real well on it. We started feeding Dumore, and now since swithing to Purina There is a huge difference in the look and activity of my birds.
I've always preferred Purina animal feeds over any other for all my critters. But I am an old chick who hatched out long before the continents divided so there were not as many brands of feed back then...but Purina has consistently kept all my animals healthy.
I feed Layena, it's cheaper and I can get it from a locally owned feed mill, plus the one time I bought Dumor (thanks to poor planning and TSC having longer hours over a holiday weekend) I learned what people are saying about quantity of poo and bad smell for myself. Not sure I can speak to the energy level etc of them on Dumor, but I know I'll never use it again.

I don't object to chicken feed having animal protein per se, (which dumor does, it says it's only 'ruminant' meat free which has become standard since the whole mad cow disease thing but not any other kind of 'meat free'). Chickens are little velociraptors and seem to be designed to eat ANYTHING. I think they would give buzzards a run for their money if they could get around better! I just think Layena is a more efficient feed on the basis of the quantity and quality of their poo.

Oh, and it very well could be made in a Purina plant based on the TSC 'recipe' but that doesn't make it a Purina product. Many foods/feed brands, human and animal, are made in the same factory/plant which is a great way to utilize equipment efficiently, it doesn't mean they're the same formula or quality.

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