"dusty" egg color??


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My two newest birds gave me 3 eggs this morning.I know because they're caged together for now. One soft, 2 hard. So someone laid twice, ahead of schedule I guess.

Brown eggs.... but on the two good ones, the coloring was like it was dusted in white? Like a dried out film? Both did it.

First time with this. I've seen softies before, double yolks, shell-less, odd shapes, ect. But the coloring on these? Normal?

They're young (Spring hatch) Red Stars if that makes any difference.
I have Red Stars (aka Red Sex Links) and they laid eggs with what appears to be a white "film" (though completely dry) coating them. They've been laying for about a month now and it has stopped. Now my Black Stars (aka Black Sex Links) are starting to lay and it's the same thing. So I guess it's normal. But these are my first chickens so...
I am having the same issue. I just ran out of the flax seed I add to my feed... Could this be it? Their coating to protect the egg is oil based... Maybe not enough fat? Any thoughts?
I have Golden Comets, and I get them every once in a while too. It would be interesting to hear what it's caused from.

They don't bother me any, I get wrinkled eggs sometimes too on the narrow end. It's always interesting :)
Absolutely normal. It's simply the way that particular hen lays down the last bit of shell. It's genetic and you'll see it for the life of that bird. It's not linked to too little calcium. You don't see such eggs in the supermarket because they select for a narrow range of variation. Chalky looking eggs end up as "egg product" and not in cartons. The eggshells themselves are perfectly sturdy and the insides are normal.
If anything, chalky eggs have less bloom. The chalky quality to eggs shells is due to a malfunctioning at the end of the laying process in the uterus, and occurs at the same time that the bloom should be laid on. The bloom is a shiny, viscous protein-filled fluid, which dries almost immediately upon laying.

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