Ear infection in duckling?


6 Years
May 2, 2013
Hello! I am new here, but this site has been a huge resource in beginning to raise chickens and ducks, so in light of my current dilemma I thought I'd join and ask a few questions!

I have two ducklings. One of them, who I'm pretty sure is a female, seems to have developed some sort of ear infection. On the side of her head is spot about an 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch wide. The area around it is a bit discolored and seemed to be a bit tender. Neither of her eyes are gunky and everything else seems normal (although she is growing faster than the other duckling).

I am, admittedly, quite new to raising ducks so I don't know whether or not this is an infection or if it's something normal that comes with age... I'd definitely appreciate any advice I can get! I can take her to a vet but I'm hoping this is something I can take care of at home.

Thanks a ton!

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