Ear infection, not sure how to cure/help it


Aug 11, 2020
Hello, so please keep in mind I don’t know much about chickens. I work at a horse rescue and we get random animal drop offs including chickens. I know more about horses than i do chickens so that’s why i’m here looking for help. So basically I went out to the coops to fill up the food and water for them and noticed a build up of ear wax in one of the hens ears. We took her inside and went in to see if we could soften the build up and remove it, we did remove it successfully but i’m afraid of it coming back. I did some research and i’m pretty positive that it is infected, I just don’t know what or where I can get antibiotics or exactly how to treat it. Please help and keep in mind, I do not manage the chickens on this farm so i do not know much, that’s why i’m here. Thanks.

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