early brooding of ducklings and chicks together

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TLWR, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Getting ready to gather supplies for brooding at school.
    Can we brood them all together - they are all expected to hatch the same day.

    My main concern is food.
    Niacin needs for the ducklings, medicated started for the chicks.
    If together, how do I feed the little guys?

    It shouldn't be for too long that they are in a brooder together. The ones that have homes will head to their homes by the weekend and depending on how many extras we have, we may hang onto a few in the classroom for a while to brood there and watch them grow.
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    You can do it for a day or so but it will not be healthy for the chicks...It will be very wet! Can you set up two brooders? The first 24 hours is one thing..after that nooooo;(
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    I am brooding ducklings and chicks together now. The brooder floor is made from two wire shelves overlapped to fit over a commercial sized cookie sheet (24" x 18"). I put 1/4" galvanized screen (I call it wire cloth, but my DH says I'm wrong) over the shelving so their little feet don't fall through. The water, food and poop fall through, so they stay warm, dry and (relatively) clean. They all get along well; the ducklings and chicks don't seem to realize that they are different species.

    The ducklings do get out for daily baths, which gives a (albeit short) opportunity for different feedings. It seems like the chicks get a bit nervous when the chicks leave, and are very happy when they come back (cleaner and very slightly damp).

    I've been feeding them all the Nutrena Nature Wise Chick Starter. Not as strong medicine as the Agway brand, but it does have some protection. When the ducklings are out bathing, the chicks get the medicated.

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