Earwigs In The Coop....


Apr 22, 2009
Does anyone else have this problem. If I open the coop door at night for a peak, I find lots of earwigs in the pine shavings. Grosses me out but can it harm the chickens? They don't seem to care that they are in there, they certainly don't eat them. At least not that I have seen.
Something happened this year with the earwig population. I've never seen so many in Tennessee. There's everywhere.

Now that it's getting cooler, I'm not seeing so many, but a couple of months ago, geez!!!!
Your not kidding... A couple of times I opened that door they were all over the floor. Creeps me out, just give me chills now to think about it. But it is so out of my control. Like I said the chickens don't seemed bothered by it.

Intersting link on the earwigs, thanks for the info.

~ Tara
No, I haven't seen them eat them. Probably because it's dark? Not sure why. Maybe they get the leftovers in the morning. Sometimes there are still a few in there.

Funny you say that. I haven't seen one this year, and usually they're all over the Dahlia blossoms. I have been seeing something like a little black grasshoppers that I haven't seen before.

Back on topic- Remember that movie in the 70's, about the earwig that chewed its way into the man's brain. I've been creeped out by them since.

Earwigs don't actually go into people ears. It is a misnomer. They eat small insects and plants. My chickens eat them all the time. They seem to be one of their favorite insects.

I've had loads of the down here also this year and my chicks seem to thoughly enjoy them.

On a side note I've also had a lot of huge roaches (the kind that are 2-3 inches long) in the coop.. They like them also.

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