easter egger/ameuracana hen. lays green eggs ONLY $10! in SLO only


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we have some silkies that we want in our coop but our other hen isnt to friendly to them. we need to sell her because we need to get our silkies in the coop before the neighbors start complaining about our 2/4 roosters. she is 1 and a half years old and just finished molting her feathers. she is very beautiful with her pale blue markings (when her feathers grow back in the spring). she has some rooster traits so she might not be that friendly to other small animals and probably will want to defend your flock. she is only $10 because we really want her to go to a good home that wont eat her..... anyway, she lays green eggs and produces very nicley! she lays 6 eggs a week for us and would stock up your fridge in no time! haha. anyway, if you live in San Luis Obispo and want a hen for your coop message or email me!


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