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Sep 22, 2013
Carrollton GA
I have two hens- a RSL and an Easter Egger (and 4 other pullets, but they are not of consequence in this post!). The RSL lays everyday- like clockwork. The Easter Egger lays about once every three days. Her eggs are large but they aren't perfectly smooth, they have some kinda sandpapery places. Is her egg production likely to improve? Does the abnormality of her egg shell pose a problem?
I got all my chickens almost two weeks ago- so I know they might still be settling in. Also, I was informed when I bought her that she is young, about 6 months, so maybe that is a factor too.
Any ideas?
Is The Poultry Site's page for sandpaper shells, with your girl, since she is young, hopefully it is just that she is still getting settled into the laying routine. With how many eggs she lays, that is really variable with the EEs since they can be mixes of so many different breeds. Most of the hatchery ones are pretty good when they start laying, 5 a week or so, but some can be a lot less. If she is only 6-7 months old she should start getting more consistent with the laying in the next month or two, but unless you know what strain she came from, there is really no way to predict what she will lay.
Thanks so much for that link! If she is sick, I haven't seen any other indications so far. But I will keep my eyes peeled. I am hoping that she is just what they refer to as "in early lay" and things will even out. Lord knows they have PLENTY of clean water. Her eggs only have a little of sand paper like substance at one end, nothing like the one that is pictured. Again, just hoping for the best since it doesn't look like there is much I can do about it. And the eggs taste great!
Yeah, I don't know for sure what strain she is. I suppose I will call her breeder and ask if she continues to only lay a couple times a week. Then at least I will know what to expect.
The eggs are really pretty- a light lime green!
Chickens are so much fun....

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