Easter Egger rooster over Wyandotte


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Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX
I have a very vague memory of reading something about an EE rooster over something else that resulted in color sexed chicks. Am I remembering right? I have a mixed flock of GLW, SLW, BO and a dk Brahma with an EE rooster and since yesterday, we've been watching the eggs hatch. All of the chicks are yellow, which surprised me a bit since only the BO hens were yellow at birth. Several of the chicks have a brown splotch on their head, and the rest don't. Is this just happenstance or does the brown splotch mean boy (or girl)?
I think it could be possible to have some Sex Linked chicks, but it would depend on the color of the EE roo. Here is the sticky on Sex Links https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/261208/sex-linked-information
With the possibility to have Sex Links you would not necessarily go by the head spots. Yours would be RSL, but BSL have the spots for boy and no spot for girls. With RSL you should have gold colored females and white/yellow colored males.
Ok, so I do have differences in the tone of the yellows. A couple are bright yellow and the rest are a browny yellow. None have the chipmunk patterns that the EE roo had when he was born. Not even the ones that came from the EE hen.
Depending on the color of the EE, the only possible moms to produce RSL would be the Dark Brahma and the SLW. Offspring from the GLW and BO would not be RSL. So, unless you know which is the mama to each chick, then they could be either sex. If you have chicks just off of the Dark Brahma and/or the SLW, those chicks would possibly be sex-able by color.
EEs are mixed (mutts or whatever you like to call it) chickens, not all will have the chipmunk pattern. Some are solid colors as well (like white). This is a white EE I hatched.
These are some of his hatch mates, some showing the chipmunk pattern more than others. Bases on their parents I knew I would possibly get majority chipmunk pattern in the chicks.


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