Easter Eggers in New York?


Bantam Queen
7 Years
Apr 28, 2016
New York
Hello everyone,

I'm looking to add 2 female Easter Eggers to my flock. I know it's kind of late in the year, but I would rather not have to wait until next year. I live in the state of New York. Does anyone know where to get good, healthy chicks here? I don't feel quite comfortable ordering online, but if you know of a place where the chicks will definitely arrive alive and healthy, then I may be willing to try it.

Thank you for your help!
You can post in your state thread on BYC. Go to Social-> where am I, ... -> pinned post at top is where state threads found. Maybe a local peep can help.

you can search fb for farm pages to see if anyone driving distance. No animal selling on fb, but farms and breeders have pages.

CL. Often chickens etc advertised there.

livestock auction. Google one near you in maps, and you mightfind something.

good luck.

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