Easter Hatch-a-Long...success or major failure???


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Nov 4, 2013
I have 6 Buff Brahma chicks so far...they were not due to hatch until tomorrow, but hatched last night. I have 15 more eggs that haven't even piped yet. Should I be concerned????? No noise or anything coming from the other eggs. This is only my second hatch, I did everything by the book as far as I can tell.
Considering 3 of 4 hens went broody and it being my very first hatch, didn't set them up they did it all and have been hatching since Saturday. I have seen 4, one did not make it via momma bird, she was immediately removed. Had to give her some of the eggs they stole from the non broody. We were not planning on chicks and kind of unprepared had to do some remodeling and so now we have 3 and one in pip mode and hoping more...not a lot of info on what to expect when they're expecting, what to look out for, avoid, intervene, etc a lot of incubator info though...well off to check my little pip I've been waiting for this one since 9AM Easter!
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