Easy DIY Auto Chicken Waterer


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
I love DIY projects and was more than excited to tackle my latest one. I wanted to make a water system for my chickens that would basically take relying on me out of the equation.

This system keeps water super clean and refills as needed. In all, I spent about 45$ on this project and it was really easy.

The bucket is connected to a low flow adapter to the garden hose, reducing the psi. Inside the bucket is a float flow regulator- like the kind in toilets; when the float drops, more water is added until it rises again.

The pcv piping holds an additional 2 gallons of water and includes an air vent and overflow as well as two screw off ends for easy cleaning and debris removal.

Super satisfying project and no sooner did I put it into the coop, the chickens figured it right out.

Check out the pics and tutorial on my blog on the link below



10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
Boise, Idaho
That is nice! I wish I had a spigot near my coop so I could set mine up like that. Make sure you check for cleanliness periodically though. I used a silver Lowe's bucket and there was mold in it after 2 weeks, even with ACV in the water.

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