Eating indian runner drakes?


Jul 13, 2020
I recently hatched indian runner ducks and I have extra males now.
Has anyone here eaten them? If so then when to harvest them? How much meat do they have?
If anyone had a pic of runner ducks meat then it'd be great because on google it only shows heavy breed ducks meat and i can't really tell with my ducks cuz of all those feathers.
My Runner drake probably only weighs 4lb. He is slim. Not alot of meat.
Have you thought of trying to rehome?
To be honest i'd like to eat homegrown duck and there aren't many duck keepers (laying ducks especially) here. Most people here grow ducks for meat.
7-8 weeks is usually when most recommend culling, especially for plucking. But runners really don't have a ton of meat on them. So you may want to go longer for some more weight on them. I have only done muscovy, and have looked into culling Saxony, so i am not really sure for runners.

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