Ebay rant!!! I learned my lesson!

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    I hope this is in the right section, but I really need to rant right now.

    I bought eggs off of Ebay. I know that others have posted on here "Buyer Beware". Now I agree totally! I do have to say that I bought eggs off of Ebay from someone in Arizona a few weeks ago. I live in Pennsylvania, and ALL 15 eggs arrived in great condition! The aircells weren't perfect, but I understood that when I ordered them that the aircells may be affected from flying. Anyway, those eggs are developing fairly well. I am satisfied with that transaction.

    OK, so the other day I saw some eggs on Ebay that I was interested in. I was "watching" them, but didn't bid. My husband thought he would surprise me, and bid on them, and won. I contacted this person and asked if the eggs would be shipped out soon after the auction was over. She replied once, and said they would be shipped out Monday. Monday night, I emailed her asking if they were indeed shipped out. Every other batch of eggs, I was sent a courtesy email along with a confirmation number. I ASSUMED this was how most people conducted business, but you know what they say about assuming! Anyway, yesterday (Wednesday) the eggs arrived. The guy delivering them told my husband that $5.40 postage was due, after we had paid this woman $12 for shipping!

    Anyway, the eggs came from our neighboring state to the north. 8 eggs were sent. Only a few were wrapped in bubble wrap, the others were wrapped just in plastic grocery bags! 5 out of the 8 were broken, 3 weren't. However, one of the 3 "good" eggs is covered in feces. I understand where eggs come from, but I don't want to place a feces-covered egg in with my other eggs. It's not a little feces, it's a lot. Several of the broken eggs were also covered in feces. (Yuck! What a mess, feces and broken eggs. Nice surprise to receive in the mail!) I will wash it with warm water as per other posts.

    I don't have eggs to sell yet. But if I do, I will NEVER conduct business like that! This lady won't get back to me about the $5.40 postage due. I've sent her a couple of emails already. She had 100% feedback from several hundred people. I guess that doesn't mean anything. If I don't hear anything back from her tonight, I'm contacting ebay.

    Thanks for "listening". I needed to rant to others who would understand.

    (Sorry, I had to edit because I hit enter too soon.)
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    Don't feel bad. I bought a cigar lighter off of ebay. Paid for it. Never got it and can't find the person who sold it to me! [​IMG]
  3. hypnofrogstevie

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    Wow! I never had that kind of problem. You can contact paypal and try to talk to them about it. I am sorry that happened to you.
  4. HennysMom

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    they still shipped them with "postage due" ??? wow.. didnt know they still let people do C.O.D. in this day and age.

    I'd scan a copy of the receipt that you paid to the person delivering for postage and email the seller, stating she needs to refund your PayPal account $5.40 given there was postage due upon receipt. You settled on a price of $12.00 shipping so she must incur the cost.

    If she refuses - dispute it with PayPal.

    Be nice first though...see how far it takes you.

    Good luck!
  5. hypnofrogstevie

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    Jul 12, 2007
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    Quote:You can always do a paypal dispute and escalate the claim. I have done that when a lady took $5.50 from me and lost her ebay account. Got my money in under a week.
  6. ChickyLaura

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Wow, those were quick responses! I had to go back and hit "edit" because I must've hit enter too soon or something.

    Thanks for understanding!!!!!
  7. hypnofrogstevie

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Newton NJ
    re-readin everything you cam do a paypal dispute and let them know how the eggs looked when they got there. They should give you a partial refund.
  8. farrier!

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Quote:You can always do a paypal dispute and escalate the claim. I have done that when a lady took $5.50 from me and lost her ebay account. Got my money in under a week.

    Please do a claim with paypal and ebay. After it is settle leave the feedback they deserve.
    Also contact ebay about the shipping charges!
  9. Run-A-Muck Ranch

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    What does the box say for the 'postage'....I would make sure that the original postage you paid was actually put towards the postage also...That must of been a heavy box as well. When I just did a swap on here (fill a box swap) I had 3 flat rate boxes inside one LARGE brown box and the postage on that was only $23 with delievery confirmation and the box was pretty heavy, so if you already paid $12 on postage and still owed $5.40 that's a total of $17.40 just for the postage....Did she have bricks in the box too...lol
    I don't use ebay or paypal so can't really help there....
    Best of luck and I hope at least the 3 eggs you do have, hatch for you...
  10. Hens_And_Chicks

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    Feb 23, 2009
    I would file a dispute with paypal and ebay right away - you did not get what you paid for and you should not have had to pay additional postage when the package arrived. How much did the seller pay for postage? Or did they slant the shipping label by printing it at home and pocketing your money already paid?

    I would be furious. ETA - definitely leave negative feedback - the seller cannot neg you.

    Not all ebayers are bad - I have bought off ebay and had good experience and I also had a bad experience. Once, I paid by PayPal but did not realize I had marked something while paying which changed my instant cash payment to an e-check. Seller was rude and it got ugly. I ended up not getting eggs - seller cancelled my e-check, said I would never get eggs from them and then filed a non paying bidder strike against me. I refused to comply with payment after all that and took the strike. I figured even if I did pay, I might not get any eggs and if I did, the seller would send me junk. I would be happy to tell anyone who the seller was privately - it was for Light Brahma eggs - from Alabama. I've always paid instant cash and if the seller had let me know right away that a delay would happen because of the e-check, I could have fixed it immediately. The seller never communicated and then went ape on me when I said I wanted a refund because I had no clue when the eggs would ship or arrive.

    FWIW, I did get Light Brahma eggs from another seller and it was a great transaction - I now have 8 birds in my barn that are almost 3 months old and they are my pride and joy!
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