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Has anyone out there tried the Brinsea EcoGlow?? How do you like it??

The risk of exploding heat bulbs and house fires have me paranoid. I finally just broke down and ordered the thing, maybe I will sleep better.
I just took one out of the box and am going to set it up for 3 brand new hatchlings tonight. I have another brooder with older chicks in it, so if there is a problem with the EcoGlow, I do have a place to put the new chicks.

I just bought one and have 11 4-day-old chicks under it. I really, really like it. And the chicks love it.

I have the brooder in the house at around 65 degrees. The chicks spend more time out and about in the brooder than I thought they would. They do love to run under it and huddle, but I think that maybe we coddle our chicks too much in the 95 degree brooder boxes.

I was afraid of having a fire with the heat lamps. I can sleep at night now!!

Also, I did the math calculations, and for my area it will take about 8 weeks of use for the savings (over a 250w heat lamp) to pay for the EcoGlow.

what I'd like to know; and maybe this has been discussed but I missed it; is when they are bigger; how do they stay warm? do we raise it? does it radiate heat all around so that being in the area w/it it'll be warm enough etc??
well, I have one with 13 chicks. They are about three weeks old. I set it on the highest setting just today and they still squish under it at night but they rarely use it in the daytime except to roost on top and run under now and then . I think they will outgrow it in a week or so, but that's really when they won't need it anyways. Had no losses and my house is 55F or so. I really like it!
There are 3 height settings, and if you needed to use it longer you could set it on 2x4's. Believe me, those chicks love to huddle together to stay warm. It's very natural -- like being under their momma. It's very much like the "electric hen" heaters that are so popular in Europe.
I am very interested in this product. Those of you who are using it, please do post your experiences. I would love to hear about it. I won't have chicks until May. Thanks!

OK - I broke down and ordered one. I won't have any chicks for a while. I'll report back on how it performs. After I bought mine, I noticed that Brinsea is introducing a new model in the UK that is designed for 50 chicks - not just 20. This is not yet being advertised for sale in the US. The legs are different, too. I wonder if they will revamp the 20 chick version.
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